Are you a cannabis business owner or entrepreneur? Do you have an idea for a cannabis business but aren’t sure if you have the tools you need to make it happen? Are you a consumer looking for information on where you can find education, medical or recreational dispensaries but aren’t sure where to start? Are you looking for investment resources for your cannabis startup but running into empty promises and broke bank accounts? If you answered yes to any of these questions or too all of them, the Resources for Cannabis Professionals and Consumers guide is for you!

On this page, you will find over 100 resources for cannabis professionals as well as consumers. From website, marketing, and finance tools for businesses to vape product providers and advocacy groups we have resources for everyone in the cannabis industry as well as they culture and community.

Do you have a passion for cannabis but just aren’t sure how to enter into the industry? If so, these are the resources for you. Below you will find small business ideas as well as tips for new startups in the cannabis space.

If you are looking for investment funds for your cannabis business or are looking to launch a startup in the space these business planning resources for new cannabis businesses were compiled just for you.

In this highly regulated industry having all the tools possible at your fingertips when it comes to financing is essential but having the right ones is even more crucial. Below we have compiled a few finance tools and resources for businesses in the cannabis sector.

Marketing and advertising for cannabis businesses is highly restricted and regulated even in legal markets. For this reason, it is essential that business owners have the marketing tools and resources they need. It is essential because marketing and advertising are crucial for a brand to gain exposure. Check out our marketing tools and resources for cannabis businesses below.

Any business in the cannabis space at one point or another will require content be it for marketing, advertising, their website, packaging, product descriptions or other aspects. Below we have compiled some of the top resources for content creation and curation for cannabis companies.

Sourcing images can be quite the task. With the image resources we have compiled below, the photos you need should be more accessible than ever before.

So, you have a new cannabis business, and you have an email list of potential consumers, patients, and distributors. Not sure where to go from there?  If this is you, the email list marketing resources below are just what you need.

Are you serious about becoming a cannabis professional? Are you looking to extend your knowledge surrounding this plant and the industry and community that keeps it alive? If so, these paid training resources for cannabis professionals are the resources you have been looking for.

Having an online presence is essential for businesses in the cannabis sector. The website resources below will help you with everything you need to bring your website online. This is a monumental step as well as an essential one. Especially when it comes to offering your products or services to the world.

Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO is vital for businesses when it pertains to their online presence. SEO plays a direct part in whether or not your brand is found when potential clients search for products or services like the ones you offer online. With the tools below you can be sure that your SEO is on point like a well put together joint!

Social media is a vital tool for businesses in almost any industry. This is especially true though for those in the cannabis space. Social media is one of the first places that consumers turn too when it comes to advice regarding products and services. Having a strong social media presence is vital for cannabis businesses. Below you can find several social media management resources that should help you establish and maintain this presence as well as grow it over time!

Starting a business in the cannabis sector is no easier than starting a business in any other industry. In fact, it comes with its own set of regulations and restrictions. Ones that must be adhered to for companies to remain in compliance. Below we have compiled several different resources that include tips for businesses and start-up ventures within the cannabis space. These were compiled specifically with cannabis entrepreneurs in mind.

Just like in other industries there are many investment opportunities as well as venture capitalists that have the funding that entrepreneurs in the cannabis space need. Below we have compiled a list of several venture capitalist and investment resources for cannabis businesses that we hope will help you find the funding you need to get your startup off the ground.

Sometimes startup companies need more guidance then what they can obtain on their own. For this reason, there have been several incubators and accelerators started throughout the Cannabis industry that are focused on helping entrepreneurs with startups and cannabis business owners find the resources they need to turn their ideas and dreams into successful ventures. Below you can find links to startup incubators and accelerators for cannabis entrepreneurs and businesses.

If you are familiar with cannabis companies throughout the U.S. and Canada chances are you are familiar with more than one of these successful startups in the cannabis space that you will find links for below. No matter how frustrating or complicated it may seem to remember that every successful business started with nothing more than a dream.

Finding cannabis business professionals and staffing your business with individuals that have the skills that you need is easier than ever before. This is especially true when you utilize the hiring resources for cannabis businesses that we have outlined for you below.

The cannabis sector is offering opportunities for almost everyone it seems. Financial security is one of those opportunities, in addition to the medical benefits that it offers of course.  One of the first ways that many people are venturing into the cannabis space is through affiliate programs. Below we have compiled a list of several cannabis affiliate programs that may be perfect for your needs and goals.

The legalization movement surrounding cannabis has grown substantially in recent years. Many advocates and activists believe that this is a direct result of our ability to network with others through the benefits that technology provides. In addition, another benefit is the opportunity to work with advocacy groups that are focused on freeing the grasps of prohibition from this plant globally. Below you can find a list of several different cannabis advocacy groups that are focused on ending prohibition globally.

If you’re looking to stay up-to-date on everything related to the cannabis culture and industry it is vital that you have the resources that you need to obtain accurate, factual, and up-to-date information. Below you will find links for several different news sources for individuals throughout the Cannabis culture and industry.

Vaping has grown in popularity substantially in recent years. Not only are nicotine consumers turning to vaping but so are many cannabis consumers. Below you can find a list of some of the top vape product providers in the cannabis space.

Cultivating cannabis is an art. Below you can find several different books that will teach you what you need to know starting with how to germinate a seed all the way to preventing biological and environmental hazards while you grow.

With more people having access to legal cannabis the number of individuals who choose to make their own edibles at home is significantly growing. Below you can find several different books that are loved by those who enjoy making edibles at home globally.

If you’re new to consuming cannabis be it for medicinal or recreational purposes and are looking to gain more knowledge pertaining to this plant, you will find several book suggestions that may be just what you were looking for below.

Education about cannabis is essential and thanks to more places legalizing this plant the knowledge we have is starting to grow. If you are looking to further your cannabis education you need to check out the books below.

Cannabis dispensaries are popping up in countries around the world as well as in states across the United States. These establishments face many regulations and must adhere to many different restrictions as well as find unique and innovative ways to address various issues that still face the industry. Cannabis dispensaries are an essential part of a regulated cannabis market as they are the primary source for many consumers and patients to obtain cannabis products.

Below you can find links to 5 apps and platforms that can help you locate dispensaries near you! Besides helping you locate dispensaries, these apps can help you find strains and specific products in addition to providing you with education and much more.

Medical cannabis dispensaries are dispensaries that serve the needs of cannabis patients in states as well as countries worldwide. Individuals who have obtained legal cannabis patient status are typically the only ones who can enter a medical cannabis dispensary. In addition, caregivers of cannabis patients are also sometimes permitted to medical cannabis dispensaries. Below you can find links to a few of the medical cannabis dispensaries located throughout the United States as well as Canada.

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Recreational cannabis dispensaries are dispensaries that cater to the retail or recreational needs of consumers. Just like liquor stores and casinos, individuals must be of a certain age to enter these establishments. In addition to the age factor, the products in recreational dispensaries tend to not be as vast as the offerings in medical dispensaries, but this, however, isn’t always the case. Below you can find links to a few of the recreational cannabis dispensaries located throughout the United States as well as Canada.

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